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Agricultural Plastic

We offer some of the world’s largest bunker covers with widths up to 65ft and lengths up to 1500ft.
6 Mil Bunker Cover
A 3-layer black and white plastic film designed to protect forage and other commodities
6 Mil Bunker Covers contain 20 percent more film than 5 mil bunker covers
Available Sizes: 40ft x 100ft 4000 sq. ft/ 112lb up to 65ft x 1500ft 97500 sq. ft/ 2730lb
Oxygen Barrier Film
A clear 1.4 mil plastic film designed to prevent oxygen loss in stored feeds.
Reduces top-layer shrinkage up to 90 percent
When used with 6 mil cover achieve OTR’s below 100
More effective and more cost effective than double-covering
Available Sizes: 40ft x 500ft and 40ft x 1500ft
Screened Animal Bedding (SAB)

A dry wood product ground and screened for consistency
Safe for use with all types of livestock
SAB is 100 percent recycled wood
Every ton sold is a ton kept out of a landfill
SAB is walnut free for equine customers
SAB will not harm duck webs
All steel and aluminum scrap is removed from SAB
Loads range 18-24 ton and 80-95 cubic yards
Freight is based on the distance between the source of SAB and customer

$35/ton + Freight & FSC

Silage Bags

9 Mil Silage Bags made by Klerks are heavier and more durable than the competition. With our silage bags achieve an OTR of 850.
Available Sizes: 12ft x 300ft, 12ft x 500ft, 14ft x 300ft

*Schaendorf Custom Farming Inc. also provides custom bagging services in 12ft and 14ft widths*

Twine & Balewrap

Bale Twine
Maximum knot strength
80% more grip than any other producer
All weather packaging
High quality control standards
Available Sizes: 4000ft x 440# and 9000ft x 130#
Winmore Balewrap
A 1 mil wrap designed for bale wrapping machines round or square.
Only available in 30ft x 5000ft.
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